to KRONOS ecochem, a division within KRONOS INTERNATIONAL, Inc., Leverkusen, Germany.

We have been a long-standing and trusted supplier of large quantities of iron salts in liquid and solid form.
Our products are used economically and without harming the environment in:

  • water treatment
  • for sewage treatment
  • sewage sludge dewatering and water purification
  • in the production of iron oxide pigments
  • for odour control
  • chromate reduction in cements
  • in agriculture.


Founded in 1974 as Water Treatment Chemical Division (WTC), this business unit has been developing from a supplier of iron salts as well as other precipitants and flocculants for water treatment issues into KRONOS ecochem.
Today, people working at KRONOS ecochem can help you as experts for many other applications.

We would like to thank you for your trust, and would appreciate very much providing you with both proven products and expert services also in the future.