About us


As early as 1916, production of the universally versatile white pigment titanium dioxide (TiO2) was begun in Fredrikstad, Norway and Niagara Falls, USA. Since then, KRONOS Worldwide Inc. based in Dallas, Texas/USA, has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality titanium dioxide pigment. In addition, KRONOS produces various different iron salts for a wide range of applications in its European plants.
The name KRONOS is associated with a tradition of know-how and competence based on decades of experience. By thinking and acting responsibly and with an eye to the future for our customers’ benefit, we uphold this tradition and have committed ourselves to the Responsible Care initiative. We produce according to a uniform quality management system. All KRONOS locations are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 50001. KRONOS production facilities are located in five countries on two continents: in Europe in Leverkusen and Nordenham/Germany, in Fredrikstad/Norway and in Gent, Belgium; in North America in Lake Charles, Louisiana/USA and in Varennes, Quebec/Canada. The Group’s own ilmenite mine is located in Hauge i Dalane, Norway. Titanium dioxide is a white pigment obtained from black ilmenite ore, titanium slag or natural/synthetic rutile. It is encountered in almost all areas of life. It is used to lighten certain materials and lends bright colors their familiar inviting and radiant appearance. It protects against sunlight and makes products more weather-resistant. The properties of KRONOS pigments, such as gloss, opacity, weather resistance, lightening power, impact strength or abrasion behavior, are adjusted to the requirements of the respective user already during the manufacturing process. KRONOS titanium dioxide is used, among other aspects, for manufacturing

  • Architectural paints for interior and exterior applications
  • Industrial coatings for cars, aircraft and containers etc.
  • Plastics such as window profiles, garden furniture, plastic housings, films and
  • Laminate, decorative papers, printing inks, cosmetics and food packaging.



KRONOS ecochem

KRONOS iron salt products from KRONOS ecochem have been successfully marketed worldwide since 1974. Our success is based on many years of trustful and competent cooperation with local authorities and industry.
Every year, we supply approx. 800,000 t of various iron salts in various delivery forms for the most diverse range of applications:
In the field of water treatment, our iron salts are tried and trusted as precipitants and flocculants for purifying municipal and industrial waste water, for dewatering of sewage sludge and for treating drinking water, process water and cooling tower make-up water. Odour control (H2S) in waste water collectors and bulking sludge control are further areas for which we offer tailor-made solutions. Together with our sales partners, we also provide support for elimination of hydrogen sulfide in biogas. Iron salts are used to reduce chromium-VI in cement. This allows us to make a decisive contribution to combating chromate dermatitis (so-called bricklayer’s itch). KRONOS iron salts are also used in agriculture, the animal feed industry and in the production of iron oxide pigments. Controlled quality, consistent composition, reliable availability, high purity and a favorable cost/benefit ratio are the hallmarks of all our products.



Iron salts have been our core business for over 45 years.
We draw on the experience gained during this time in addition to the technical know-how developed as a result to the benefit of our customers. The continuous optimization of manufacturing processes and products as well as the constant dialogue and cooperation with our customers for further development of applications are the guarantees for a successful future together. KRONOS produces a wide portfolio of different iron salts in two different processes. The consistent product quality is also a result of the use of ore from KRONOS’ own mine. KRONOS ecochem participates in national and international technical committees. This is another way in which we help shape the development of new products and innovative applications.



Service makes the difference.
Our decades of experience in the use of iron salts form the basis for our sustained success and that of our customers. High product quality and reliable availability are a matter of course for us. However, it is our service that provides the decisive advantage.



In Germany, a nationwide service network is available to our customers. Our qualified application engineers, logisticians and businesspersons are on hand at short notice to solve your individual problems.

We share our knowledge.
All over Germany, we organize workshops in which current topics are dealt with, and solutions are developed and discussed. Our technical information and experience reports on the various iron salt applications are always kept up to date and adapted to current issues.

Always in dialogue with the customer.
The relationship with our customers is characterized by trust and reliability and forms the basis of our work. In the future too, we aim to keep this goal in mind every single day with an individual approach and professional experience.