QUICKFLOC in bulk form is delivered on dumper trucks that are preferably unloaded by rear dumping.

QUICKFLOC is stored and dissolved by the soaking method. The heart of the facility is an underground tank with acid-proof lining that simultaneously acts as a storage and dissolving tank. This soaking tank is designed to permit dumping and accommodation of at least one full delivery batch (e.g. 25 t).

TI 2.01 describes the fundamental structure of soaking tanks, as well as the storage and metering of QUICKFLOC.




FERROGRANUL products are dried, free-flowing ferrous sulfates that can be handled in the same way as conventional bulk materials.

Tower silos of all kinds with a useful volume upwards of approx. 30 m3 are open to consideration for receiving and stocking the delivered granules.


Agriculture | Fertiliser additive

Iron is an essential component of living nature.

In plant organisms, it influences photosynthesis in addition to chlorophyll and carbohydrate formation. Furthermore, alkaline and saline soils are gently neutralized by the use of ferrous sulfates. This releases calcium ions, which displace sodium ions and provide the soil the necessary water permeability.