KRONOS iron salt solutions are ready-to-use precipitants and flocculants
Iron salt solutions are stored in acid-proof tanks that should have a useful volume of at least 20 m3 and comply with the official regulations regarding the storage of water-hazardous substances.
Metering diaphragm pumps are preferably used to withdraw the liquid products from the tank and transport them to the metering point.
Complete metering facilities are supplied in practice, including all suction- and pressure-side fittings and piping.


Notes on unloading of dangerous goods

Various rules and regulations apply when dealing with dangerous goods
Transport by road is governed by the German Ordinance on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail and Inland Waterways (GGVSEB/ADR). Within the GGVSEB, the recipient (e.g. the sewage treatment plant) and the unloader (employees of the sewage treatment plant) have a number of tasks and duties.

This information is intended to outline to you the essential obligations.

Relief Flocculation with Iron Salts

The targeted use of KRONOS iron salts can significantly improve the purification efficiency of sewage treatment plants. The effect is based on the flocculation and separation of very finely dispersed and colloidally dissolved sewage constituents.

The efficiency of mechanical purification stages can be more than doubled in this way, thus greatly relieving the burden on the downstream biological treatment stage and/or the receiving waters.

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The targeted use of precipitants and flocculants can more than double the cleaning performance of mechanical clarification stages.

In addition to the tried and trusted implementation of ferric salt solutions, the use of ferrous salts can also be useful for special tasks.