is a European Union regulation, adopted in 2006, to improve protection of human health and the environment. It focuses on risks that can arise from chemicals and applies equally in each Member State.
The REACH regulation applies to all chemical substances, i.e. not only those used in industrial processes, but also those we encounter in everyday life, such as in cleaning products, paints and articles such as clothing, furniture and electrical appliances. The regulation therefore has an impact on most companies throughout the EU.

In order to comply with the regulation, companies must identify the risks associated with the substances they manufacture and bring into circulation in the EU and describe how the products can be used safely. To this end, they communicate the risk management measures to users via the safety data sheet.

KRONOS ecochem feels particularly committed to the safety objective of the REACH regulation and, as a first step, promptly registered all products according to REACH as early as 2010.
Since the REACH regulation is subject to constant review and adaptation, KRONOS ecochem has fixed internal processes that ensure conformity with the specifications at all times. KRONOS ecochem meets the other obligations arising from the REACH regulation – such as complying with new requirements when preparing safety data sheets and observing the continuously updated SVHC list (list of substances of very high concern) – with the utmost care.
Information about the REACH regulation is also available on the following web pages:

the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

in addition to the European Inorganic Coagulants Producers Association (INCOPA).


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