Wenche Engebretsen retired at KRONOS TITAN A/S

Three months after her 40th job anniversary on 2 May this year Wenche Engebretsen had her last day with KRONOS TITAN A/S 31 July.

She had decided to leave the company on a slightly early retirement.

Wenche started as Language Stenographer 2 May 1980, a profession which hardly anyone recognizes in these digital times.
Then followed a variety of secretary functions through the years, supporting KRONOS TITAN A/S’ management and Production department.
Last but not least, since 2010 she became engaged in the Sales department at KRONOS TITAN A/S.
She has been assisting mainly with KRONOS ecochem-related tasks like following up on complaints, distributing monthly analyses to customers and making preparations for KRONOS ecochem Monthly Report and the occasional QUICKFLOC tenders.

Sales Manager Oeivind Gundersen will take over the tasks for KRONOS ecochem in the future.

We will be missing Wenche as a dedicated and emphatic colleague and Sales will have a farewell dinner with her later this autumn.

All the best, dear Wenche!